In today’s economy and poor job market, truck driving is a great option to consider for the person looking to get back in the workforce and get their career path back on track. There are hundreds of carriers looking to place thousands of students.

That being said, many students and new drivers make poor choices when entering trucking as a career. The desire to get back to work and start a new career can be a little overwhelming and students sometimes do not understand certain pitfalls to avoid when getting started. Those poor choices can lead to consequences that affect their entry into the trucking workforce and can leave the student feeling like the trucking industry is geared against them and that there is no way to succeed as a new driver. The internet is filled with stories of student drivers that have entered the trucking world only to be met with disappointment and a sense of being deceived and let down by the industry. Most of these students leave the industry and never get the chance to see the opportunities afforded in trucking.

The first step in avoiding this starts with the trainers and recruiters for both schools and the trucking companies themselves. Managing expectations is critical. Many students approaching the industry have a picture painted for them that is unrealistic and are given goals that are impossible to actually achieve as a new driver. To make matters worse, some recruiting practices are downright deceitful. There are many companies that hire new students with the promise of free training. Many of these same companies omit critical information for the student to consider and as a result thousands of new drivers every year are left disappointed and in debt for thousands of dollars and have no job left to show for it.

You can read more about the dangers of “free training” here.

So the key to starting your new career in trucking and ensuring you are able to get the future you deserve from it is educating yourself. Do not make rash decisions do not be impulsive. Understand your options and review them thoroughly. Read any contracts you sign carefully, understand the consequences of violating them….more importantly, understand your options for avoiding them.

Everyone here at Tennessee Truck Driving School understands how critical these first steps are in obtaining your Class A CDL and starting your career in the trucking community. We will work with you to ensure your first steps are the right ones to give you the best chance to turn trucking into the promising career it can be and provide you and your family the great future you deserve.

Stay tuned as we will constantly update this blog with more information for new drivers and students to follow.