All of us at Tennessee Truck Driving School understand that our students have options out there for their CDL training. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We live in a Capitalist society that is supposed to promote a fair and free market economy. That free market is what has made this country great. It promotes healthy competition between businesses and forces business owners to pioneer and evolve. To constantly look for ways to provide a better product for the customer at a better price. Because good business owners know that if they don’t do it, someone else will.

That competition is the driving force of excellence in all businesses, including this one. We here at Tennessee Truck Driving School understand that if we don’t offer our students better training at a better price and if we do not constantly seek to find better ways to allow students to access that training, then someone else will come along and take that business….and rightfully so.

We do not take our students business for granted. We do not take our responsibility lightly and if we do not provide you the best, then we do not deserve your business. That is why we constantly find ways to improve. That is why we do improve…..always. That is why we are successful, because we make you successful.

Many schools forget this principle. They have been doing the same thing for so long with little or no competition; they forget what it means to have to go the extra mile. They are not used to having to improve their product to earn your business.

Competition certainly does not scare us. In fact we welcome it.

It is what makes us the best. It is also why you know that when you attend TTDS you are receiving the best possible training, career development assistance and financial options in the business…….because you deserve it.