We recently asked former students to spill their vast knowledge of weigh station DO’s & DON’Ts. Here’s what our expert drivers had to say:



  • Be Respectful
  • Be Patient
  • Be Prepared | Have your paperwork ready.
  • Be Pleasant
  • Roll Down Your Window
  • Keep A Clean Truck & A Clear Dash
  • Pay Attention to Scale Speed Limits
  • Turn Down the Radio
  • Keep 100 feet between yourself and the next truck.
  • Buckle Up
  • Listen and Follow Directions
  • Keep up a neat & tidy appearance.
  • Know the DOT Laws
  • Keep Your Dash Cam On
  • Act like the professional that you are!


  • Don’t Use Sarcasm. – Regardless of the obvious nature of questions, you may need to answer.
  • Don’t Speed Through The Scales
  • Don’t Make Jokes About Illegal Activity
  • Don’t Use Your cellphone or Bluetooth while stopped.
  • Don’t Slam On Your Brakes On The Scales
  • Don’t Smoke / Spit Tobacco In The Scale Area