In today’s economy and dismal job market its hard to believe that so many jobs are available in the trucking industry. Here is a fact for you though, in just the past six months, Tennessee Truck Driving School has put over 100 people from East Tennessee back to work. That is correct, not just graduated them, but actually put them back to work with great companies with outstanding pay and benefits.

One of the ways we have been able to do this is by making employment as critical of a factor in regards to servicing and caring for our students needs as the training and curriculum itself. From first contact with our students till long after they have graduated, we strive to ensure our students career path goals are being met.

Tennessee Truck Driving School works hard to establish and maintain outstanding relationships with major carriers, such as Werner, KLLM, US Xpress, TMC and many more. As a result, we are able to have a large percentage of our students pre-hired with conditional offers of employment from any number of top quality trucking companies before they even graduate, some before the even start the class.

Many of our students have felt they were at a dead end. Many feel that every attempt they made at finding a good paying job with long term stability was pointless after months of unemployment. Tennessee Truck Driving Schools quality Class A CDL training program right here in Knoxville, as well as our job placement assistance will make not only getting the training you need but finding and starting a new career in the trucking industry a reality.

A Recruiter from Roehl Transport meets with our students. Tennessee Truck Driving School has several recruiters a week in class to speak with our students, answer questions and offer job placement.