With Tennessee Truck Driving School, you can start with No Money out of pocket, we will finance it, you can train right here in Knoxville, and when you graduate you can be making $700-$1000 a week. Then you get the company you go to work for to help you pay it back.


Dont let our name fool you, Tennessee Truck Driving School of Knoxville TN is so much more than just a truck driving school.

Tennessee Truck Driving School (TTDS) offers so much more than most truck driving schools in Tennessee. Think of us as your personal gateway to a new career, a career in one of the largest industries in the country and one that is always in demand.

TTDS is the only privately owned truck driving school in Knoxville TN.

We can provide men and women that want to be truck drivers in Tennessee with the CDL training they need. At TTDS we can have you trained within 15 days, help you obtain your class A CDL, and usually have you working right after graduation. We will have you pre-hired with a top paying trucking company before you even start our school in Knoxville, Tennessee. TTDS places its graduates with companies that offer not only great pay, but great benefits as well. By enrolling in truck driving schools like ours, you can enjoy benefits from your new employers, such as health insurance, 401K retirement plans, vacation pay, sick leave, guaranteed home time, sign on bonuses and tuition reimbursement.

So call us today to speak with one of our career counselors and get started right away!

Tennessee Truck Driving School is the premier school in Knoxville, Tennessee for CDL training. Let us train you to start your new career in the trucking industry today!

The U.S. economy is expanding again, and the trucking industry is leading the way. As older drivers retire and truck fleets expand, the country's need for well trained and qualified drivers has never been greater. It's a need that truck driving schools like ours can address in Tennessee.

The U.S. Department of Labor for the years 2002 / 2013 ranks truck driving as being one of the highest paying occupations with the most job openings for workers who don't have a bachelors degree and who are entering a new occupation. At Tennessee Truck Driving School, your CDL training in Tennessee, graduation, and new job can be within reach in little as three weeks.

There is no other job market in the country that with just three weeks of training, graduates can instantly start making the money and earning the benefits that Class A CDL drivers can. Put yourself on the road to an exciting new career with unlimited potential by enrolling in Tennessee Truck Driving School's CDL program in Knoxville, Tennessee.

This video is a great example of the expanding job market and growth potential within the trucking community, and the rising need for CDL training in Tennessee.

Tennessee Truck Driving School is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education CommissionIn order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on the programs offered by Tennessee Truck Driving School, please visit https://www.tn.gov/thec/bureaus/student-aid-and-compliance/postsecondary-state-authorization/authorized-institutions-and-data.html

Disclosure of Transferability of Credits

Credits earned at Tennessee Truck Driving School may not transfer to another educational institution. Credits earned at another educational institution may not be accepted by Tennessee Truck Driving School.  You should obtain confirmation that Tennessee Truck Driving School will accept any credits you may have earned at another educational institution before you execute an enrollment contract or agreement.  You should also contact any educational institutions that you may want to transfer credits earned at Tennessee Truck Driving School to determine if such institutions will accept credits earned at Tennessee Truck Driving School prior to executing an enrollment contract or agreement.  The ability to transfer credits from Tennessee Truck Driving School to another educational institution may be very limited. Your credits may not transfer, and you may have to repeat courses previously taken at Tennessee Truck Driving School if you enroll in another educational institution.  It is highly recommended, and you are advised to make certain that you know the transfer of credit policy of Tennessee Truck Driving School and of any other educational institutions you may in the future want to transfer the credits earned Tennessee Truck Driving School to before you execute an enrollment contract or agreement.



Use your VA Benefits to get your CDL and start a new career today!

You can use your Post 9/11 VA benefits to get your CDL training, get your license and start your new career in the trucking industry. For those veterans that qualify, using their benefits to start a new career is an outstanding choice for those that have left the armed services and found that the job market difficult at best. 

Call Tennessee Truck Driving School today and see how we can help. 

Success Stories

Lee Johnson is a former student of Tennessee Truck Driving School and he recently made the cover of RoadKing magazine. Lee graduated in early 2012 and went to work for US Xpress and has been with them since his graduation.

While Lee's story is a fantastic one, it certainly isnt unique. This is the story for every TTDS student. We have a 100% successful job placement program. Every single student that has graduated our course have gone to work for companies like Covenant, Stevens Transport, Total Transportations, and many more.

Join our team of success and start you new career today!

Meet Marc Jensen. Mark is a recent graduate that was hired with McElroy Truck Lines. Marc was headed home for the weekend and wanted to stop by the school and say hello. He has been putting down the miles and making great money. Good job Marc.